“Eddie Munster”, Butch Patrick to Join Iola Fun

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We recently received word that Butch Patrick, best known for his roll on 1960’s TV program “The Munster’s”, will be attending the show all three days.  He’s bringing with him some awesome nostalgic vehicles and pieces from the show.

Check out this video of his collection: https://youtu.be/yZ7guwVq7BY



“Otto’s Bar” to honor exemplary volunteer

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The Iola Car Show is often proud to boast about the wonderful people and community we have the pleasure of working with.  Not only is Iola considered a top notch car show, but it’s run in a very unique way, relying heavily on the tens of thousands of volunteer hours committed annually in the execution of the event.  In fact, the show simply wouldn’t be possible without them.

Among the thousands of volunteers, there are many who give remarkable time and effort in dedication to the show in true Midwestern fashion.  Each year we choose a volunteer for special recognition for their hard work and positive attitude.  While it’s impossible to choose any single “best” volunteer, we wanted to do something special this year in honor of the volunteers.

Otto Laven is certainly one of our best and most recognizable volunteers.  He’s been manning the Lions Club Beer stand for decades.  He’s reliable, selfless and has the true heart of servant, always looking to take care of those around him.  He’s a wonderful example of what many of our volunteers bring to the car show.

Early this year, we set out to create something special, and the idea of “Otto’s Bar” was born.  As we traveled down the path of developing the idea, the pieces started to fall into place.

Dombeck Custom Cabinets, located in Elderon, WI, is a wonderful custom cabinet company.  They produce high quality custom cabinets and other projects, and are made up of a small team of salt of the earth workers.  One of them in particular has been a long time vendor at the show and comes with the whole whole family every year to our annual event.  When we approached her with the idea of Otto’s Bar, she set right to work in helping us make it a reality.  Shortly thereafter Dombeck Custom Cabinets became the lead sponsor of Otto’s Bar and created these awesome pieces.

“This started as a simple idea in one of our weekly team meetings,” said Joe Opperman of the Iola Car Show team, “But it really started coming together thanks to the commitment and help of the folks over at Dombecks.  They do awesome work, and the mobile bar components they created for us are exactly what this project needed.  They’ve been great to work with.”

The bar will feature a vintage jukebox, pinball machines and a few other items.  It will be located at the west end of the activity center.

Otto’s bar will be a unique stop during the show.  It will be the only place on the grounds you can get an array of specialty bottled beer.  We’ll also incorporate some discounted drinks during happy hour from 6pm-7pm daily.

“We hope this goes well this year and will be something we can continue in the future.  We want Otto, and all the great volunteers he represents, to be as well known and appreciated by the attendees as he is by the staff and others.”

While you’re at the show, be sure to stop in, relax for a minute, and say hello to Otto.


Private Home Rentals Available

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Looking for a nice place to stay nearby during the show?

Here’s an updated list of private home rentals available in the area:



U.S. Cellular Brings 4G LTE Network to Iola

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The Iola Car Show is always interested in establishing relationships with quality businesses and service providers.  This is most commonly done through the sponsorship program.  The connections formed with our sponsors generally work to everyone’s benefit.  Sponsors have an opportunity to market and display their products and services to the large crowds that attend the show.   They also help to provide resources that improve the car show for vendors and exhibitors, and ultimately enhance the experience for attendees.

One such sponsor is doing that in a big way.  This year, everyone on the grounds can expect to receive an improved 4G LTE experience through major network upgrades , thanks to U.S. Cellular.

“We’re very excited about the investments being made by U.S. Cellular,” said Joe Opperman, PR Director for the Iola Car show, “These improvements will be felt by everyone on the grounds and will be very well received.”

During the Car Show, Iola swells to an enormous population, with last year’s attendance in excess of 120,000 people.  “Every other day of the year, Iola is population 1,301.  For that reason, we are often overlooked when it comes to big companies providing up-to-date utility services, like any other small town.  During the show, everything changes, and our needs are comparable to some of the bigger cities in the state.  It’s awesome to see a reputable company like U.S. Cellular make such serious efforts to service the event.”

“At U.S. Cellular, we make it our business to ensure our customers can stay connected wherever and whenever they need to be by offering a fast and reliable network,” said John Heimsch, director of sales for U.S. Cellular in Wisconsin. “We want Iola residents, and everyone who comes to enjoy the Iola Old Car Show, to be able to use their device as usual and enjoy the event. U.S. Cellular invests in every aspect of our customers’ experience, including in the neighborhoods and communities that they and we call home.”

In 2016 U.S. Cellular invested $47.1 million in network, store and community support throughout Wisconsin.

U.S. Cellular will also have a team set up at their booth near the tower during the show.  They will be there provide information, answer questions and get visitors up to speed on their latest products.  There will also be a chance to win a free iPad.  Be sure to check them out during the show, and tell them thanks for partnering with the Iola Car show.

ClassicCars.com makes great addition to Iola

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The Iola Car Show is blessed in several ways.  We’ve got a great team that works together year round in planning and executing the day-to-day function of the show, we’ve got outstanding volunteers that put in tons of time during the show, and we’ve had the good fortune of attracting some real top-notch sponsors.  ClassicCars.com came on last year as a first-time sponsor in the car corral, and is an ideal fit in our show.  We’re very happy to be working with them and excited about what enhancements this might mean for the future.  Here’s a bit more about ClassicCars.com:

At ClassicCars.com, just like you, we are passionate about classic and collector cars of all makes and eras.  What began in 2007 as an online platform to help classic car enthusiasts buy and sell their dream cars has grown to become the world’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling classic and collector vehicles! With over 30,000 cars listed, 3 million marketplace visitors a month, 250,000 Daily News visitors a month, and a network of over 500 dealers, auction houses, and advertisers we are proud to be home to the industry’s largest community of collector car owners, buyers and enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to drive your dream, sell your well-loved classic, or enjoy incredible looking automobiles you are more than welcome at ClassicCars.com!

Tundraland Home Improvements Joins Sponsor Ranks

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This is what Tundraland would say about themselves and their business:

“Tundraland Home Improvements is a locally owned home improvement company that specializes in sunrooms, baths, replacement windows and decks. With a company culture based on enthusiasm and positive energy, Tundraland strives to positively impact its customers, its employees and the community. To learn more about Tundraland, visit www.tundraland.com.”

We at the Car Show can tell you for certain, this is about as modest a description for this company that could ever be written.  Ask anyone who’s worked with or witnessed not only the finished product of a Tundraland job, but the people and culture, and you’ll get a lot more praise of this awesome group.  Tundraland goes well above and beyond the normal call of duty in their trade.  They are incredibly active in the community through various fund raisers, benefits, philanthropy and general improvement projects.  For all these reasons and more, we’re very proud to add Tundraland Home Improvements to our family of outstanding sponsors.

Iola to include 2nd Generation Collector Cars

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Iola 2017 to include 2nd Generation Collector Vehicles

Photo: Guy Carpenter with his Excalibur

April, 2017

Iola, WI

The Iola Car Show has a long tradition of honoring some of the oldest vehicles in the industry.  As the show has grown throughout the years, it’s size and the public’s general interest in various parts of the hobby have played a role in dictating the direction of the show.  With the inclusion of Second Generation Collector Vehicles, or Neo-Classics, 2017 will be no exception.

“When Guy Carpenter approached us with his hopes to see this class of vehicles included in the show, we took the opportunity to sit down with him and learn more about his passion,” said Joe Opperman, PR and Marketing Director for Iola.  “Guy is not only an enthusiast of this class, but also somewhat of a historian.”

Included in the Second Generation class are such vehicles as the Avanti II, Clenet, Duesenberg II, Excalibur, Pray Auburn, Pray Cord, Shay Model A, Thunderbird, Zimmer and more.  “Neo-Classics were, in the beginning, a modern vehicle with classic styling,” explained Guy, “They became a new niche vehicle with their own unique following.”

One of the biggest items that separates the Iola Car Show from many other shows is size.  Spread out over their 300 acre venue, that size affords the attendee the luxury of variety.  “The more we thought about it, it just made sense to include this group in the show,” Opperman said.  Anyone interested in sharing their 2nd Generation Collector Vehicles at Iola are encouraged to contact and register with the show.  The Iola Car Show is big enough for everybody.

Rawhide Returns with Awesome Give Away Car

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Pictured in photo: Aaron Geitner of Rawhide and Joan Schultz of Iola Car Show

April, 2017

Iola, WI

The Super Saturday Give Away has fast become a fan favorite of the Iola Car Show in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. All attendees are invited to register for the FREE raffle-style drawings throughout the days of the show. Prizes are contributed by the show’s numerous sponsors ranging from gift certificates, SWAG and others, and are headlined by bigger items including equipment and auto accessories.

For the third consecutive year, the give away will be headlined by a vehicle. “We really enjoy our partnership with the Rawhide Boys Ranch. They’re a great group of people that share many of the same values as the car show,” stated Joe Opperman, PR and Marketing Director of the Iola Car Show. “There’s a long history between these groups, and once again Rawhide has absolutely nailed it with an awesome car that fits well into this year’s theme.”

One lucky winner will be driving home in a white 1999 Pontiac Firebird. The car was a donated vehicle under Rawhide’s program, and is now a co-sponsored item between the two parties. The vehicle will be on display near the tower during the show, July 6-8th, with Rawhide representatives nearby accepting registrations for the drawing.

Security Fence Helps Car Show Stretch Dollars

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Invest in fencing services with the experts who specialize in ONLY fencing.

Each year we try to invest back in our grounds as we’re able. One of the priorities includes updating our fences, gates and other boundaries. With the help of the guys over at Security Fence, we’ve been able to stretch our dollars, and our fences, while getting absolute top-notch quality. Their prices are great, and the crews are VERY fast and professional with the installation. The results help contribute to the high quality venue we enjoy at the Iola Car Show.

Security Fence is a family operated sales and installation company; offering 3 generations of experience. For many years, the Iola Car Show has looked to Security Fence and Supply to meet our needs for perimeter and security fencing. Stop by their outdoor showroom 24/7 and see the many available options.

Two convenient showroom locations:

N1357 Municipal Drive
Greenville, WI 54942
Tel: 920-757-7240

1508 DuBay Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54482
Tel: 715-344-6340

Contact Security Fence and Supply for a FREE estimate on any fencing job. Their factory-certified installation experts will help you select the right fence to accommodate any Residential, Commercial, Custom Fencing Solutions and Do-It-Yourself fencing projects. Email your request for more information to info@securityfenceandsupply.com

Torborgs: Official Building Materials Supplier for Iola Car Show

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Official Building Materials Supplier for the Iola Car Show
Serving all of Wisconsin, since 1953

Since Torborgs joined our Sponsor Team last spring, construction on the grounds has really shifted into high gear. The cost savings on supplies has equated into improved grounds and the ability to fit more projects into our budget. Thanks guys!

Trust in Torborgs Lumber for all your building needs. Knowledgeable staff and top quality products in the industry can be found at Torborgs, making it an obvious choice for your next home remodeling or home construction project. Products & Services include; Construction lumber, Treated lumber, Trusses, Plywood, Doors, Decking, Roofing, Windows, Kitchens and more…

The best lumber at the best prices anywhere!
Waupaca (715)256-4000
Clintonville (715)823-3113
Shawano (715)526-2137