Car Show mourns loss of exemplary volunteer

Don Jensen


Car Show mourns loss of exemplary volunteer

Iola, WI

For a few days each second weekend of July, this town of 1,200 is transformed into a metropolis 100 times that size.  A staff of less than 10 is multiplied into an army of volunteers working to serve the attendees.  While this is never without its glitches, it’s really quite magical how smoothly it all goes.  It’s this small town spirit of community and self-giving that makes it all work.  These volunteers, that come from all around central Wisconsin and beyond, are the life-blood of this truly unique event.

Even among these volunteers, a few stand out. Chief among them was Donald Jensen.  He was embodiment of the spirit of volunteerism that make things go.  He treated his duties here often like a full-time job, showing up with his lunch bucket and logging long days.  While the army of volunteers of all ages and abilities contribute heavily during Show week, “Donnie” was a seasonal trooper.

For the last few years, Donnie has done everything from mowing the grounds to staining benches, maintaining equipment and picking up garbage.  We’ve received an awful lot of compliments regarding how well our grounds are kept up, and no one is more responsible than Donnie for that.  Donnie was a team player, and while you’d never find him looking for praise, he was certainly deserving of it.

We received the news this morning that Donnie passed away last night.  The Car Show wishes to express its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Donnie Jensen.  He’s weighing on our minds today, and he’ll not soon be forgotten.

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